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The Gauntlet Challenge "Anaheim 2019"

  • When: June 1st & 2nd 3:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Where Anaheim Fitness Expo ( Competition Stage G)
  • Register @ UAB Booth #513
  • The Gauntlet Challenge - This challenge is solely for fast twitch and reaction speed. We begin to test our athletes stamina and reaction speeds in this period. We expect fast choppy steps throughout a series of exercises performed with either hexagons, or trapezoid equipment. Athletes (contestants)  will have to show what their levels of stamina, coordination, and mental toughness are. These are key components of the phrase “Slow Feet Don’t Eat!” The challenge will consist of different 3 -5 different drills, testing the athlete’s linear, lateral agility.  Athletes are judged based off of their precision, intensity, and execution of the drills.