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Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp LA

Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp Sports Fitness Program

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First off we would like to thank you for making the commitment to change 
your life for the better. Second we want you to understand that this will be 
the hardest thing you have ever done but it will be damn worth 
it! Fitness isn't about the number on the scale. It is about your overall health. 
Mental , physical, emotional, and spiritual health must be exercised in order 
to maintain a great quality of life. We developed this program to 
accomplish exactly that. This program will challenge you in different variations 
forcing your body to rapidly burn fat and it will improve you ability to move in 
all three planes of motion. Together we will identify goals and the best course 
of action to insure we reach them. Nutrition will be the hardest element to 
overcome. So making sure you are educated on proper macronutrients your 
body needs will be our main focus. You will build your exercises plan based on 
your current skill level and increase the difficulty as we progress. Consistency is 
key, In order for you to be successful you need to be accountable and stay on 
top of your meals, cardio, and workouts. Over the past 15 years we have 
changed hundreds of lives through fitness including our own. We will provide 
you with all of the tools you need to be "Ultimate Athletes" all you have to do is 
show up and give us everything you got! 


"One day at a time, on day after one day before you know it you will have a 
week four weeks in a month twelve months in a year but nevertheless 
it begins with one day. Eat clean train dirty one day after on day and let time 
do what time does best... add and subtract. One Life One Body Get Fit"