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Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp LA

UAB Youth Summer Camp | Los Angeles June 15th - 19th 2020


"Agility is the ability to change speed and direction in non-reactive and reactive conditions. Training that focuses on non-reactive agility improves the quickness, strength, and power qualities that support effective change of direction. Training reactive agility improves decision-making capabilities in relation to specific sport and life demands. The same drills can be used for reactive and non-reactive agility training with the only difference being the addition of a stimulus (i.e. sight, sound or touch) during reactive agility drills." – Nick Winkelman,

Agility is the one facet of sports training that can separate a good athlete from a great one. Whatever sports an athlete engages in, improving there agility and learning proper technique can increase an athletes performance, strengthen there joints and muscles that go largely untested in daily life or traditional training programs. As with any type of sports training, starting slow and learning proper bio mechanics and form will not only help them develop the stability needed to perform at there best, significantly reduce the risk of injury and give them an edge over the competition. Competitive sports are a game of inches give your child championship knowledge that will put them miles ahead of other athletes in there age group! SLOW FEET DON'T EAT!

Each Athletes will Receive:

* 5 Days of Athletic Development Training

* 3 SFDE T-Shirts

* Copy of " Slow Feet Don't Eat Vol. 1

* Lunch Per Day