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Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp LA

Slow Feet Don't Eat Training Bundle

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This program is designed to develop the fundamentals needed for fast twitch, muscle endurance.  No matter the sport, the athlete that is the fastest and most agile, will have the most success.  Our coaches want you to know that athleticism is not about linear speed.  One must be able to move laterally to be efficient. This program will help the athlete increase speed, agility and explosion.  “The Slow Feet Don’t Eat” program, gradually increases in difficulty as the athlete’s skill level increases.  The program will become more intense, and the athlete’s movement becomes more polished.  Elevate your game! 

Slow Feet Don’t Eat vol.2 is for the more experienced athlete that is ready to advance to the next level. This next level of footwork will involve proprioception and greater foot speed. Composed of sequenced and dynamic movement patterns, the athlete will now have to fight mentally to be able to maintain the level of foot speed that is required. In field of sport foot mechanics is vital to an athletes success no matter the sport. The more dynamic the range of control an athlete has, the better the chance to progress to higher levels of sport. Lace those shoes up tight, get your hips opened up, and remember Slow Feet Don’t Eat!